Sunday, 15 January 2012


I feel obliged to write about an occurrence that happened at Christmas and genuinely made me stop dead in my tracks. 
'Twas the night before Christmas Eve and the local Tesco's was packed with shoppers all intent on grabbing last minute items like half hundred weight of sprouts, six bags of satsuma's and twelve loaves of bread. Well it is to see them over both days! Makes me laugh and scratch my head. Not forgetting the twerps who have left present shopping til last and found Tesco's the only shop open to buy their nearest and dearest something special (sorry dear).
I had been working like the proverbial blue ass fly and what with 'er indoors a bit tom,dick it was up to me to get food shopping but just two days worth.
I get round to fish counter and WALLOP! I come face to face with two mirror carp laid out on the counter.
To say I was shocked is an understatement, I have caught many mirror carp and as an angler it made me sick to my stomach.
After the initial shock and I had calmed down a bit and got on with my shopping I got to thinking about it.
Our east european visitors namely Polish, eat the Carp traditionally on Christmas Eve and the Carp made available is farmed for that purpose and I suppose it stops fish going "walkies" from our lakes, but somehow it just didn't seem "proper".

Whilst on the subject, I was invited to observe the video of a carp half dead due to its flesh being fried and served still gasping its lasts breaths whilst giggling diners prod it with chopsticks! I know most anglers will have probably seen it ages ago but it has only something brought to my attention since "carpin on" about Tesco's recently. Link below if you not seen but be warned its not for feint hearted and those of nervous disposition!! You been warned.

Rant nearly done but before I sign off...
A lake in Sussex was the sight of a gruesome discovery recently, namely, the carcasses of a pair of swans found left on  the bank having the crowns removed (breast meat) no doubt for johnny foreigner's sunday roast!
Is Tesco going to start selling farm reared swan fillets to fill another "niche" in the market??? BAH!!!!

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