Saturday, 4 February 2012


 Yet another 4am alarm stirs this bus driver from his peaceful (for me anyway,sorry dear!) slumber.
 He trudges zombie-like to the bathroom, stubbing toe on bed on way out, and attempts to expose a face suitable for the most wary of passengers. After a customary peer out the window at yet another crisp frost he adorns layers of clothes more suited to Scott of the Antarctic than a humble PCV driver.
Whilst the heaters does its magic on the windscreen of the car, he tries to trigger the locking mechanism of a smile in the rear view mirror which he shall attempt to adorn all day....
Typical start to working day in Winter. However, given that he had day off ....
A 4am alarm is cancelled at 3:50 by excited angler who grabbing his drab array of clothing slips quickly and quietly to bathroom. In a time matched only by a superhero in a phone box appears ninja-like at top of stairs dressed, pauses briefly to listen and recap if he has everything and silently glides down stairs to kitchen.
During the next 15 minutes he will perform a rare unseen act of multitasking. He is a blur, flickering from toaster to fridge to kettle. Tubs of butter, maggots and pellets fly to their desired locations and in the time it takes for kettle to boil he is ready. Grabbing keys, flask and bait he slips outside  into a beautiful crisp frost patterned car. In 2 minutes he's gone. His head full of dreams, excitement and adventures.
 Back inside the kitchen, 2 pieces of toast pop up from toaster where they will sit abandoned and alone.