Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I had a session today down my local river today but don't assume.
 By far my greatest catches, but rod and reel was left at home.
Each capture will stay with me for ever. Was it fruitful? Well, you decide.

On one of the rare days I was able to hear properly, I ventured on a riverside meander to roam free, unhurried and alone.
 I approached the river for that first special glimpse. The feeling of childhood expectancy washed over me and I wasn't to be disappointed and far from lonely.
Baby rabbits not knowing quite who to follow as my footsteps sends them  scurrying.
The first few flaps of a wood pigeons wings, sounding like its applauding its own ability to make a perfect launch.
The cock pheasants call  like a startled shriek, echoes from behind a dense hedgerow.
Almost there...
Reeds and grasses wafting whispers in the breeze, dislodging warblers from their busy chores.
I pause momentarily...
An otherwise eerie hush drops me to one knee. A feeling. Expectant and prepared I'm ready to receive...
Its unexplained this intuitive feeling. I keep still. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up tempting me to scratch.
A breeze high in the trees averts my eyes momentarily and then from my peripheral vision...
A Kingfisher flashes a garish brilliant blue as it accelerates to its destination. A futile attempt to go unnoticed.
Euphoria washes through me and I smile.
Worth the ...
I jump and a stifled gasp escapes my lips.
The fish rolling below me startles and gets me up quickly.
It brings me back from melting into Mother natures paradise. Feeling that I am not part of it, not wanted.
I feel the need to go. That I must let her prepare for the coming season, so much to do yet but I am glad she has shared her ever growing wealth.
I leave to the noise of Collared doves sounding like a repetitious kazoo, echoing from farm buildings.
As I sit in my car to pause and ponder I am treated to the blackbirds evening song, a loud summary of the days news. And I feel content. This insight has left me excited in anticipation of the coming summer months, the adventures to be had, the treasure yet to find.


  1. "the blackbirds evening song, a loud summary of the days news"...what a perfect description! They do go and and on so. You painted here such a beautiful setting, Richard. I enjoyed being taken along very much.

    1. To 'paint' with words. I will remember that. Valuable advice. Thanks Erin.