Thursday, 16 February 2012


Hello there little fella 

Driving through a village lane in my bus this week I came upon a rather large lorry coming from the other direction. As is normally the case I had to shift over into the green stuff in order for our large vehicles to pass. The lane is walled by dense woodland and as the double decker is 14 feet in height had to be wary of overhanging trees. Once I opened the doors and brought in my inside mirror to get snugly nestled in I applied parking brake and was happy that I had done all I could to assist the other driver in allowing him to pass. With nothing to do but sit and wait I was startled by a rather loud CHIT CHIT CHIT (we've all had them days little fella).
 Giving me a dressing down to dare encroach into his habitat with my dirty great beast, this Nuthatch was an absolute delight to behold.
 I have not seen one for many years and rekindled memories of hide and seek in the woods as a kid where being quiet and still I saw my first buff bellied beauty. Not knowing what bird it was back then I had to scan a book to find out. Once seen never forgotten tho and this sighting made my day. By the time matey in lorry had passed me and tooted as way of thanking me, I glanced back to tree and the nuthatch had gone. 
I continued on my journey and joined traffic going about its business and definitely not "seeing the woods for the trees".  

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