Friday 15 June 2012

IS IT ME? (Oh my life!)

I was stranded far from the depot recently awaiting mechanics to venture out to repair my bus. I was advised to grab a coffee somewhere.
Not being over familiar with the town in question, I was resorted to frequenting a company that I abhor with vengence.
I can't bring myself to resort to even mention their name but you know the one....begins with M, fronted by a ridiculous clown....No not Microsoft, the other one!
Pleased to say I am not a regular visitor but being breakfast time was a little parched and in need of a coffee so where's the harm.

Me: Just a regular coffee please.
Cashier: Would you like latte?
Me: No just a regular coffee.
Cashier: What type of coffee?
Me: I've said, twice now, just regular please.
Cashier: Regular is the size.
Me: Oh I see, normal regular coffee then. Is that acceptable? (do you know sarcasm? ha)
Cashier: So one normal regular coffee, any breakfast sir?
Me: Erm, no thanks.
Cashier: We do muffins, hash browns, breakfast wraps. Bagels.
Me: Still no. Just coffee thanks...Bagels? Did you say Bagels?...

I have not had bagels for years, not since traveling to watch the spurs with my mates too many years ago.
I used to religiously imbibe on a Bagel stuffed full with salt beef to help soak up some of the over indulged beverages and line the stomach for further flooding throughout the day. I always went to the same place close to the ground and being a Jewish based club it was strictly 'kosher'.

I have to say I was a little impressed with Mmmm....No still can't say it. Catering to all nationalities, how very    2012. And I was tempted too, until...

Cashier: Yes sir, breakfast bagels. Can I tempt you?
Me: Possibly, what are the choice of fillings?
Cashier: Sausage or Bacon.
Me: HA! Your joking!
Cashier: Whats funny?
Me: Bacon in a Bagel! Its not kosher is it!
Cashier: Kosher?
Me: The sausages...pork are they?
Cashier: I think so...want me to check?
Me: No, just the coffee thanks.
See bus driver walking away shaking head.

Incidently, later that day I passed an Asda supermarket advertising the slogan...Everything you need for Ramadan!..... I'm not even going to go there!
So I revert to my original question....Is it me?