Wednesday 15 May 2013


'Still many a good tune on an old fiddle'

What a difference a day makes!
After bewailing my lot to my friend Dave about a day from hell at work recently he replied with a quote from Van Morrison. "My mother warned me, there'll be days like this!"
It was easy for him, he'd been fishing a lake and had the fortune to land a huge carp with a split cane rod . His day fueled by relaxation and injected with euphoria.
Dealing with a nasty traffic incident and organising a multitude of backlashes from that incident as well as a busier day than usual at work, I was not so fortunate. I had been running on adrenalin and it left me physically and emotional drained.
 It was a case of all hands on deck and everyone mucking in and doing their bit in times of need. Something us Brit's are famous for, keep calm and carry on.

Since I had a much needed day off a day later, I fancied a taste of  what he'd experienced so I unleashed a split cane fly rod I'd been given and hot footed it down my local lake to try and tempt my first trout on it.

I was joined by a colleague who also deserved a treat. 
Steve and his wife have fostered children for many years and give so much of their time showing consideration to needy and problematic children. Giving them so much attention that more often than not forget about their own needs.
Having been fostered many times as a kid and been on the receiving end of their often unrequited love from similar foster families, I saw to it that justice prevailed.
 I had promised him a days fishing, something Steve hadn't done for 30 years since he went with his late father and to say  he was thrilled at the invitation was an understatement. It evoked fond  memories  and at times brought a tear to his eye  remembering his happy childhood. It is something Steve is forthright in trying to give back to the kids he comes into contact with, albeit for sometimes all to brief encounters.
 I know personally that however much desolation and trauma a child goes through, you never forget those moments.
When everything around you seems desolate and barren from love and affection you are able to focus and hold on to those acts of kindness. Outshining everything else which you'd rather forget or not bring attention to.
For me it was being taken fishing and it seemed befitting to help repay Steve in this way.

I'm happy to  report that memories were made as well as rekindled. We both caught fish. A personal first for me capturing my first trout with a cane rod. I can't say it was easy fishing with a cane and I would certainly not manage fishing all day with one. But I think that a lighter and shorter stick would make life easier, maybe a brook rod. Will have to keep an eye out for one in the future.
But much more importantly, Steve had a day off, caught his tea and had some much needed relaxation and time to himself.
 It left him with a smile that he usually gives to those without one of their own. Thanks Steve, you really do make a difference. 

And if I can just add my response to my honorable friend's quote at the beginning....
"From the dark end of the the bright side of the road"  :o)